Recording Drums Only on the Accompaniment Track

Last Update: 03/22/2013

It is possible to record only the drum part from a Style. This is done by starting the recording on the Accompaniment Track and not pressing any keys.

NOTE: Before the end of the Song, at least one action must be initiated, such as pressing the [MAIN/AUTO FILL] button or the [INTRO/ENDING] button; if only the [STOP] button is pressed at the end of the Song, the keyboard interprets the recording as being aborted.

1) Press the [SONG] button.

2) Use the Numeric Pad to select a User Song location, 'User 1' - 'User 5'.

3) Press the [STYLE] button.

4) Use the Numeric Pad to select a Style.

5) Press and hold the red [REC] button, then press the [A] Track (Accompaniment) button

6) Release the [REC] button, then press the [INTRO/ENDING] button.

7) Press the [START/STOP] button to start the recording.

8) Press the MAIN/AUTO FILL [A/B] button (optional).

9) Press the [START/STOP] button to end the recording.

NOTE: Step #8 is optional ONLY because the INTRO feature was enacted in Step 6.  At least one action must be initiated.

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