Digital Music Notebook Update Information and its Replacemnt by the Notestar App.

Last Update: 08/14/2014

Digital Music Notebook Update Information and its Replacement by the Notestar App. 

“Digital Music Notebook” (DMN) was a service available before March 2011 as a sheet music alternative. Because Yamaha still sells the DGX‐530/YPG‐535 and DGX‐230/YPG‐235 .Both units  were available when DMN was still an active service.The user manuals and CD-ROMs that ship with these products make reference to the DMN service, which can be confusing.
  Athough "Digital Music Notebook" has been discontinued, it’s been replaced by the NoteStar app for iPad, which is a much more feature‐rich digital sheet music solution. Not only does NoteStar deliver sheet music, but every song also includes an audio component that allows the user to play along with a vocalist and a backing band. These audio parts can be muted, or their volumes adjusted to the player’s preference.  NoteStar is able to play back the keyboard part, both as an audio file, or it can play the user’s keyboard via MIDI with optional i‐MX1/i‐UX1, or wirelessly with CVP-600 Series/CLP-535‐585 Series. The NoteStar app also features an in‐app store, with thousands of titles available for purchase.

DGX230 YPG235 DGX530 YPG535

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