What is Music Finder / Music Database?

Last Update: 03/28/2014

What is Music Finder / Music Database?

It's a common misconception that Music Finder / Music Database is a set of songs that are included with your product or can be uploaded to your product. What Music Finder / Music Database refers to is a series of templates that use popular song titles as a reference for calling up the necessary Parameters, Voices and Styles (already on your product) you'd want to be able to play or compose a song in the style or genre of the reference song. 

For instance, if you choose a Country song as a reference, you'll get a Country Style (accompaniment) pulled up along with Voices that are featured (or close to those featured) on the reference song. This helps you be able to start creating / composing in the style you want without you having to invest time looking through all the available Voices and Styles on your unit.

NOTE: Some Yamaha products are shipped with a limited amount of Music Finder / Music Database records, and you can update them to the latest records via the link below. After entering your model into the Search bar, you'll get a brief list of results under different categories. Click on the hyperlink on your product's name to go to the full list of available downloads, including the Music from the hyperlink  


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