Using the Bulk Dump Feature

Last Update: 07/11/2008

Basically, a Bulk Dump is a ''data download'' of the keyboard memory to a storage device. The function takes a ''snap shot'' of the keyboard's user memory and sends it out of the MIDI port to a MIDI Data Filer or a computer with MIDI SysEx (System Exclusive Code) compatible software. Because the keyboard sends the Bulk Dump in the form of MIDI SysEx, the Bulk Dump is only useful for storage, backup or archive applications. In other words, sheet music cannot be generated from a bulk dump nor can a MIDI Song File be derived from a bulk dump.

The Bulk Dump utility is normally included on keyboards without a disk drive. Since the keyboard does not have a disk drive, the bulk dump function allows the user to store user memory to another device, like a Yamaha MDF3 or a computer with MIDI SysEx Software, so that the memory is free to be overwritten with new data. The old data is safely stored away and can be reloaded into the keyboard again at anytime.

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