Fixing Yamaha USB MIDI Driver "25009" Error Message

Last Update: 06/16/2011

Fixing Yamaha USB MIDI Driver "25009" Error Message

The procedure below details how to fix the Yamaha USB MIDI Driver "25009" error message caused by the Windows XP/Vista/7 Registry.

DISCLAIMER: This is an "AT YOUR OWN RISK" procedure. If you do not have experience editing the Windows Registry or feel you do not have enough experience, contact Microsoft's technical services for help.

1) In Windows, select START > RUN(XP) or SEARCH(VISTA/7) and type Regedit.

2) Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE key and click on the [+] or arrow symbol to its left to expand it.

3) Go down and open the tree as follows: +Software > +Microsoft > +Windows NT > +Current.

4) Under +Current, click on the Drivers32 folder key. A list of sub-keys will show up in the right pane; locate the "MIDI" sub-keys (Midi, Midi1, Midi2 . . . Midi9).


5) Verify which keys are duplicates, under the "Data" column, for Midi, Midi1, Midi2 . . . Midi9 and delete the duplicates (Example: wdmaud.drv)

Note: If step 5 is done properly, only one of each MIDI key that correpsonds to each unique data entry should be present.

6) Install the Yamaha USB MIDI Driver that is compatible with your operating system.


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