Explanation of the Pianist Styles on Yamaha Portable Keyboards

Last Update: 12/23/2010

Explanation of the Pianist Styles onYamaha Portable Keyboards

Many Yamaha portable keyboards come equipped with Pianist Styles. These are special styles for playing piano solos. Most of the Pianist Styles have no drums parts, however, they may consist of one or more piano parts.

Activating a Pianist Style will allow the user to experience how they work. Below is a basic procedure:

Activating a Pianist Style

1) Power the keyboardON.

2) Press the [STYLE] button.

3) Type in the number of a Pianist Style on the numeric keypad.

4) Press the [ACCOMP ON/OFF] once (turning ON the Auto Accompaniment feature).

5) Press the [SYNC START] button once.

6) Play a key or chord to the left of the auto accompaniment split point (the default auto accompaniment split point is usually F# 2, the second F# on the left hand side of the keyboard). The accompaniment will play using only the Piano voice (in most cases).

NOTE: The Pianist Styles will follow chord changes in the same manner as the other Styles on the keyboard.

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