Creating Registrations That Work

Last Update: 06/25/2014

Creating Registrations That Work

We all have different, application-specific needs from our Arranger keyboard. If you’re someone who has consistent setting needs across various registrations, here’s a great way for you to set up a “default” Registration that can act as a starting point for new Registrations:

NOTE: If you already have a Registration saved to Bank 1 / Registration 1, save it elsewhere.

1) Create your preferred “default” template by adjusting/selecting the settings you most commonly set identically through most of your Registrations:

  1. Song (also saves Song Mix/Balance settings)
  2. Style (also saves Style Mix/Balance settings)
  3. Voice (also saves Voice Mix/Balance settings)
  4. Multi Pad (also saves Multi Pad Mix/Balance settings)
  5. Audio
  6. Harmony
  7. Tempo
  8. Pedal
  9. Text
  10. Slider
  11. Transpose
  12. Scale
  13. Vocal Harmonizer / Mic
  14. Line Out

2) Press the [MEMORY] button to make sure and select all the parameters you wish to save to your “default” Registration.

3) Press the [REGISTRATION MEMORY] '1' to save this "default template" to the 1st memory location.

4) Press the Registration Bank [+] and [--] buttons together to access the Registration Bank display.

5) Save to “Bank 1” for quick recall.

TIP: To create a new Registration Memory, recall this default template as a starting point, and save the edited/changed Memory to a new location.

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