Connecting to a PC / Mac Computer or iOS Device from a Yamaha Instrument with 5-Pin MIDI I/O

Last Update: 11/20/2014

Connecting to a PC / Mac Computer or iOS Device from a Yamaha Instrument with 5-Pin MIDI I/O

When connecting an instrument with 5-Pin MIDI Input and/or Output ports to your computer or iOS device, a MIDI to USB Interface (like our UX16) or MIDI to 30-Pin Interface (like our iMX1) is needed respectively.

NOTE: For the UX16, please download and install the latest USB-MIDI Drivers here.

When connecting either device to your keyboard, please make sure to connect the MIDI IN cable of the interface into the MIDI OUT port on the instrument, and vice versa if a MIDI IN port is available on your instrument.

Once the interface is properly connected and the drivers properly installed (in the case of a MIDI-USB interface), your MIDI software or App should receive and transmit MIDI data successfully with your instrument.

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