Using the One Touch Setting Feature

Last Update: 11/30/2012

One Touch Setting (OTS) works with the 100 Styles on the keyboard, providing four preset registrations appropriate for each style. A ''registration'' is a ''snapshot'' of the panel settings (including Voices, Styles and Effects) edited and stored by the user. With OTS the registrations are preset and stored at the factory.

1) Select a Style.

2) Press any OTS button numbered [1] through [4]. The OTS button number will appear on the LCD display within a darkened circle.

3) Choose the desired OTS variation. The style may change slightly for each OTS button.

TIP: Using the One Touch Setting in Song Mode is a convenient way to choose an appropriate voice for playing the Minus One function with the selected Song. If Minus One channels are specified, the One Touch Setting automatically selects appropriate voices for those channels.

Reference: Owner's Manual, p.27 - 33

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