Synchronizing the PSR530 to an External Timing Source Without Triggering the Internal Tone Generator

Last Update: 03/18/2005

This setup is often necessary in a group setting where keyboardists are playing together and each keyboard needs to be synchronized or when playing the PSR530 with an external drum machine.
Connecting the keyboards:
  1. Connect the MIDI OUT of the external keyboard (or other MIDI device) to the MIDI IN of the PSR530.

    NOTE: The MIDI Out jack need not be connected for this operation, and cannot be used to connect additional units. If multiple units need to be syncronized, a ''MIDI Thru box'' or ''MIDI Expander'' will need to be utilized.

Setting the PSR530:
  1. Press one of the [MENU] buttons until the indicator on the left side of the display is pointing to MIDI.
  2. Press one of the [SUB MENU] buttons until the top of the screen reads 'off: ExtClock'.
  3. Press the [+/YES] button to set the External Clock setting to On.
  4. Press one of the [SUB MENU] buttons until the screen reads, '01:Rcv.Ch'.
  5. Press the [SUB MENU DOWN] button until the screen reads 'nor:Rcv.Mod'.
  6. Press the [-/NO] button twice to turn Channel 1 Receive Mode off. The screen should read 'off:Rcv.Mod'.
  7. Press the [SUB MENU UP] button until the screen reads '##:Rcv.Ch'. (The '##' symbol can be any number between 01 and 16)
  8. Press the [+/YES] button to advance to the next channel. The screen should read '02:Rcv.Ch'.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 until all 16 Receive Channels are turned Off.

NOTE: This procedure will work only if the external keyboard sends MIDI START and MIDI CLOCK.

By pressing the [START] button on the external keyboard/drum machine, it should send a start message and clock signal. The PSR530 will use the clock signal for its style tempo or song tempo.

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