Loading Disk Style to User Style Memory

Last Update: 05/25/2012

The PSR540 is equipped with 3 User Style Memories. Yamaha produces Style File disks dedicated to different genres of music like country, jazz, rock and others. These Style Files are loaded into the PSR540 User Style Memory using a quick and simple procedure. Disk styles cannot be played directly from the disk. The disk styles must be loaded into memory first.

Loading a Disk Style:

1. Insert the Style DiskPress the [LOAD] button.

2. Select the style to load by pressing the [+/YES] button. The name of the first style in the disk should show in the display as follows: ''Load=xxxxx.sty''.

3. Press the [NEXT] button.

4. Select the destination for the style that will be loaded by pressing the [+/YES] button.

5. Select from User Style 1, 2 or 3.

6. Press the [NEXT] button. The screen will display ''Load OK?''.

7. Press the [+/YES] button to start the loading process.

Playing a Style after it is loaded:

1. Press the [STYLE] button.

2. Select the User Style by entering the number of the User Style on the numeric keypad of the PSR540 (107 for User Style 1, 108 for User Style 2, or 109 for User Style 3).

3. Press the [ACCOMP ON/OFF] button.

4. Press the [SYNC START] button.

5. Play a chord on the leftmost octave of the keyboard to start the Accompaniment.

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