PSR9000, 9000PRO - Loading a Disk Style into Flash Memory

Last Update: 05/25/2012

The PSR9000 is equipped with Flash Style Memory. There are 120 Flash Style Memories locations in 8 User Category Banks (15 Flash Memories locations in each Category Bank). The user can load Style Files into these flash memories for use in performances and sequence recordings. Loading styles from disk into Flash Memory requires using the Style Manager Function.

NOTE: The total memory available for Flash Memory is 1.8mb. Style Files vary in size from about 3kb to about 30kb. It is conceivable, even likely, that the available memory will run out before 120 styles are loaded, depending on the size of the styles chosen.

The procedure below explains how to load a single Style File from the floppy disk into Flash Style Memory.

1. Insert the disk with the Style Files and press any of the Flash Style Category Bank buttons (I-VIII). A screen will appear that lists the styles that are currently loaded in the selected Flash Style Category Bank.   At the lower right of the screen appears the words 'Style Manager'.

2. Press the [UP ARROW 8] button located just below 'Style Manager'. The display will change to the Style Manager Menu.

3. Press the LCD [A] button that corresponds with the selection 'Load style into Flash ROM'.

4. Select the file to load. The columns 'Device, Directory and Contents' will appear in the lower part of the screen. Make sure that the 'FD' is highlighted in the 'DEVICE' column.

5. Press the [DOWN ARROW 6] or [DOWN ARROW 7] button below the display to select the Style File to be loaded.

6. Press the [NEXT] button.

7. Select the Flash Style Bank by press the [DOWN ARROW 3] or [DOWN ARROW 4] button located below the screen under the Category Column labeled Flash 1-8.

8. Highlight the Category Bank that is to be the new location of the Style File.

9. Select the Flash Style Memory Location by pressing the [DOWN ARROW 5] or [DOWN ARROW 6] button located below the screen under the Style Column.

10. Highlight a flash style name if the disk style will overwrite the current flash style memory or select a location that reads 'no data' if the disk style is to be loaded to an empty flash style memory.

11. Press the [NEXT] button. The screen will display 'Do you want to load?'

12. Press the LCD [G] button that corresponds to 'Yes' to start loading the disk style to flash memory. If you are overwriting a current flash style the screen will display an extra question after you press the LCD [G] button, 'Do you want to overwrite the data?'. Press the LCD [G] button again to confirm the load operation.

13. Press the [EXIT] button to return to the previous menu.

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