PSR9000, 9000PRO - Connecting and Setting up an MFC10

Last Update: 05/25/2012

The PSR9000 has some preset templates to make connecting and setting up the MFC10 easy.

Setting up the MFC10 to work with the PSR9000:
1. Connect the MIDI OUT of the MFC10 to the MIDI B IN of the PSR9000 and visa versa.  Also, make sure that the switches on the back of the MFC10 are set to 'Normal' and 'MIDI'.

2. Press the PSR9000 [MIDI] button.

3. Press the PSR9000 [UP ARROW] button (6) that is located just under 'MFC10' at the bottom of the PSR9000 screen.

4. Press the PSR9000 [A] LCD button that corresponds to 'Easy Setup' to the left of the PSR9000 display.

5. Follow the instruction on the PSR9000 screen to 'press the MFC10 [FUNCTION] button'.

6. Confirm that the MFC10 is set to transmit on MIDI Channel 1 (Channel 1 is the Default MIDI Channel) then press the PSR9000 [NEXT] button.

7. Select the most suitable Template setting for your application by using one of the PSR9000 [DOWN ARROW] buttons (2-7) then press the PSR9000 [NEXT] button.
The PSR9000 will display a list of function assignments for the buttons and pedal of the MFC10. It would be best to write these down for future reference. If these assignments are not suitable, press the PSR9000 [BACK] button to choose another MFC10 Template and repeat Step 7, otherwise, press the PSR9000 [NEXT] button.

8. Press the [EXIT] button. This finishes the setup of the MFC10 and PSR9000.

Saving the Settings to Flash ROM
1. Press the PSR9000 LCD [A] button located to the upper left of the PSR9000 screen next to the 'Note Icon'. Follow the instructions on the PSR9000 screen.

2. Press the PSR9000 LCD [G] button next to 'Backup' to save these settings to Flash ROM.

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