Accessing PSRD1-DJX Panel Voices

Last Update: 03/03/2004

The PSRD1-DJX comes with 155 Panel Voices that are accessed via the Control Panel. These Voices are primarily used to create Hip- Hop, Rave and Rap music.

The PSRD1-DJX's Panel Voices can also be accessed via MIDI, however, they are unique and separate from General MIDI Voices. The Yamaha United Kingdom web site has an instrument definition file for Cakewalk that can be accessed by clicking on Goodies to Download. The downloadable instrument definition file includes a listing of the PSRD1-DJX Panel Voices.

Accessing Panel Voices via the Control Panel:

NOTE: A general list of the PSRD1-DJX's 155 Panel Voices can be found on the right side of the keyboard's front panel under 'VOICES'. Refer to pages 104 and 105 Owner's Manual for a more complete list of available Panel Voices.

Press the [VOICE] button to enter Voice Mode.

2) Select the desired Panel Voice. (Three methods: a - c)

a) Enter the number for the desired Panel Voice using the numeric keypad.

— or —

b) Press the [+] or [-] button to scroll up, or down, the Voice list.

— or —

c) Press the [VOICE] button to advance to the next Voice.

3) Play the selected Panel Voice.

Reference: Owner's Manual p. 25-26, 104-105

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