What is the difference between the natural wood (NW), graded hammer (GH3) 3, graded hammer (GH), and graded hammer standard (GHS) keyboards?

Last Update: 10/14/2010

Each of the keyboards is explained below.

NW keyboard:  This keyboard has the same structure as a GH3 keyboard, but the white keys are are all cut from the same plank of natural wood, just like in an acoustic piano. Using our wood-working skills gained from making pianos, we are able to keep keyboard vibration and warping to a minimum. We have achieved the solid feeling of a grand piano.

GH3 keyboard: This keyboard has Yamaha's proprietary third sensor, the Damper Sensor. It enables the pianist to play the same note in rapid succession without cutting off the sound, enabling performances only possible on a grand piano. As with the GH keyboard, the lower keys are heavier and the higher keys are lighter, faithfully reproducing the differences in feel.

GH keyboard:  In pursuit of the feel of playing on a grand piano, the lower keys are heavier and the higher keys become lighter, the touch response changing gradually through the different registers, thus creating a natural touch response on the keyboard.

GHS keyboard:  This keyboard is based on the concept of the GH keyboard, but uses lighter parts. This decrease in weight all reduces the overall weight of the instrument. The selection of a keyboard is greatly influenced by the preferences and sense of the indiviudal, so we invite you to come and play several products for yourself.

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