What is the Difference between the CVP series/CLP series and the ARIUS YDP series.arius_series, clp_series, cvp_series

Last Update: 10/15/2010

The Clavinova CLP/CVP series and the ARIUS YDP series are all Yamaha digital piano brands. Their special features are described below.

Clavinova: With a realistic sound that rivals a grand piano and a sensitive action that feels like the real thing, the Clavinova is the flagship digital piano brand. It consists of the CLP series with its simple design and basic functions, and the feature-rich CVP series: two series to chose from depending on your style.

ARIUS YDP series: The ARIUS is a digital piano with basic functions in a compact design. It is a good entry-level series for those who want to enjoy a digital piano at home, or for those who are trying a digital piano for the first time. In this instrument we have achieved the natural feel of an acoustic piano.

Note: Even within one of these series, the different models have different keyboards, sound quality, features and other special characteristics, so time should be spent considering which is the right one for your own needs.

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