Step Up Features from YDP-141 to YDP-142

Last Update: 05/16/2013

Features in the YDP142 which didn't come in the YDP-141:

1. 'Pure CF Sound Engine'
Piano sounds sampled from Yamaha acclaimed CFIIIS 9' Concert Grand

2. 'Damper Resonance'
Recreates acoustic piano depth and aural realism when pedaling

3. 'Acoustic Optimizer'
Ensures a full, balanced tone at any volume.

4. 128 (vs 64) Note Polyphony
More notes can be played at once without experiencing lower polyphony drop outs/loss.

5. USB 'To Host' Port
Allows a convenient MIDI connection between YDP and your computer's USB port.

YDP141   YDP142
YDP141 vs YDP142     YDP141 and YDP142 comparisons

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