YDP 161, YDP 181 and the CLP 320, 320 - What are the differences.

Last Update: 12/21/2010

While the specs appear similar, there are a number of differences between the YDP 161 and the equivalent CLP 320, and the YDP 181 and the equivalent CLP 330.

The biggest and best difference is the warranty. 5-year in-home for Clavinova vs. 3-year carry-in for Arius


* A more substantial (over 30 pounds more) cabinet on the CLP.

* Pure CF piano sampling system on the CLP vs. Stereo AWM piano on the Arius.

* GH3 action on the CLP 330,  which has an additional sensor that helps when playing repeated notes or staccato passages.

* The CLP has AUX IN and AUX OUT connectors for playing an external device through the CLP speakers or connecting the CLP to external speakers .

• The CLP has USB MIDI in addition to having MIDI in/out/thru where the Arius only has MIDI in/out.


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