YDP181, P155: Recording User Songs with Non 4/4 Time Signature

Last Update: 03/20/2015

YDP181, P155 : Recording User Songs with Non - 4/4 Time Signature

 NOTE: In order to record a User Song with a new tempo, the old User Song must be erased. Pressing the [PLAY/PAUSE] button to start recording, then pressing the [STOP] button to stop recording will erase all previously recorded data on the selected part. Make sure to do this for both Left and Right parts before starting the new recording.

1) Start the Metronome by pressing the METRONOME [ON/OFF] button. 

2) Set the tempo by using the [TEMPO/FUNCTION, ] buttons (when the [TEMPO/FUNCTION, ] button’s [TEMPO] indicator is lit).

3) Set the time signature (beat) of the metronome by using the [–/NO] and [+/YES] buttons while holding the METRONOME [ON/OFF] button.

NOTE: You can set the beat from 0 to 15. The current setting appears on the LED display while you are holding the METRONOME [ON/OFF] button. A beat setting of “0” plays a low click sound for all beats, while a setting of “1” plays a high click sound for all beats; other beat settings play a high click for the first beat in a measure and a low click for all following beats.

4) Before you begin to record, select the voice you want to record (or voices if you will be using Dual).

NOTE: Make any other desired settings (reverb, effect, etc.) as well. You might also want to set the volume. You can also adjust the playback volume using the [MASTER VOLUME] slider.

5) On a downbeat (important!), press the [REC] button to engage Record Ready mode.

NOTE: This automatically selects an empty song for recording and makes the RIGHT part active. If an empty song does not exist, Song U01 will be selected. Recording does not actually start yet. The SONG [PLAY/PAUSE] indicator will flash at the current METRONOME tempo setting.

6) Play a note on the keyboard or press the SONG [PLAY/PAUSE] button.

NOTE: The current measure’s number will appear on the display while recording.
7) Press either [REC] or SONG [STOP] button to stop recording.

NOTE: When recording is stopped, dashes appear in the display in succession to indicate that the recorded data is being saved to the instrument automatically. After the data is saved, the song name (U01 – U03) appears in the display. The recorded part’s indicator will glow green to indicate that it now contains data (Record mode is disengaged automatically).

CAUTION: Do not turn off the power of the instrument when dashes appear in the display in succession. Doing so may delete all song data in the instrument, including external songs.

P-155 YDP-181

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