What Preliminary Steps do I Need to do to Record Audio From my Keyboard into my Mac Computer ?

Last Update: 11/14/2013

What Preliminary Steps do I Need to do to Record Audio From my Keyboard into my Mac Computer ?

1)            Verify how your keyboard can send audio, it will be either thru a conventional analog line output  connection, thru the headphone output or thru USB.

2)            Conventional audio connections will need to be converted to digital thru an audio interface that the recording software can utilize. This may be an audio to USB interface, fire wire or a PCI card on older computers. USB interfaces are the most common and least expensive.

3)            A driver that is compatible with the computers operating system will need to be loaded for the interface to work.

4)            Recording software is required to record, edit and direct the storage of the audio information. This will save your performance for playback later, cd burning or conversion to mp3 for emailing or posting to the internet.

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