Exporting USER song to SMF on CLP240

Last Update: 02/28/2014

Exporting USER song to SMF on CLP240


1. Select a User song to export by using the [SONG SELECT] and [–/NO][+/YES] buttons.


2. After making sure that the USB storage device is connected to the instrument, press the [FILE] button (the “SAVE/EXP.” indicator lights). Then, while holding the [FILE] button, simultaneously press the [+/YES] button multiple time to select a destination (S00-S99).

***NOTE*** To reach S00-S99 keep pressing the [+/YES] button while holding the [FILE] button to go through (A00-A99)


3. After releasing the [FILE] button, “n y” (no/yes) appears in the display. Press the [+/YES] button to export the songs. The exported song will be converted to SMF format and automatically exported into the “USER FILES” folder and named as“USERSONGxx.mid.”

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