Copying Registrations From the USB Tab to the USER Tab

Last Update: 09/25/2013

NOTE: This process is done from the Main screen.

NOTE: A USB drive, with Registrations already loaded on it, is required to be inserted into the CVP400 series board before this process is started.

1. Press the [ J ] button.

2. Use the Tab buttons to select the ‘USB’ tab.

3. Press the down [ 3 ] button to copy.

4. Press the down [ 6 ] button to select ALL.

NOTE: If only certain Registrations need to be copied, they can be selected at this time (instead of selecting ALL) by pressing the lettered buttons to left and / or right of the display to designate which
Registrations are to be copied.

5. Press the down [ 7 ] button for OK.

6. Use the Tab buttons to select the ‘USER’ tab.

7. Press the down [ 4 ] button to paste.

CVP401, CVP403, CVP405, CVP407, CVP409

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