Using the Punch IN and Punch Out Feature

Last Update: 09/21/2012

1. Press the [FUNCTION] button

2. Press the [F] button for the Digital Recording Menu

3. Press the [A] button for the Song Creator Menu

4. Press the 1 button for Punch IN at

5. Press the 3  button to set which measure to punch in (start recording).

NOTE: punching in and out is used for recording small portions of the song (i.e. correcting a mistake on certain measures).

6. Press the 4
button for Punch OUT at

7. Press the 6
button to set which measure to punch out (stop recording).

8. Press the [EXIT] button

NOTE: Now record. Be prepared to play the needed part as the ‘Punch in’ measure approaches. Recording will automatically stop when the CVP509 reaches the ‘Punch out’ measure set in step 7, even though the Sequencer will continue to play.
CVP509 CVP505 CVP503 CVP501

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