Using the Pedal to Punch In and Punch Out During MIDI Recording

Last Update: 05/24/2014

1. Press the [REC] and [STOP] buttons simultaneously to create a new empty song.

2. On the window that appears touch NEW MIDI.

3. Touch the grey triangle to the left of the word “channels” to expand the channel area of the window.

4. Touch the number above desired tracks to enable or disable recording.  Tracks that are enabled to record will appear red.

WARNING: If selecting a track that already has data, it will overwrite with the new recording.

5. Touch the icon below each enabled track number to select a part.  To select voices played by the keyboard set the track to MAIN, LAYER or LEFT.  To select a voice
from the style playback select RHYTHM 1 - PHRASE 2.  

6. Touch MENU.

7. Select Song Settings on page 2.

8. Touch Rec.

9. Set the Pedal Control to ON.

10. Press the [HOME] button.

11. Press the [REC] button in the SONG CONTROL section of the panel.

12. Touch Rec Start to begin recording.  The song will begin playing but recording will only take place when the center pedal is depressed.  The red LED next to the
[REC] button will blink when the center pedal is not depressed and the sequencer is not recording.  The led will GLOW solid red when the center pedal is depressed to

signify that PUNCH IN recording is active.

13. When finished recording press the [STOP] button.

14. To save the song touch the save icon (arrow pointing downward).

15. Choose the user destination then touch "SAVE HERE".

16. Name the song then touch "OK".

17. The screen will display "EXECUTING" then your song will be saved.

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