Recording a Song with Accompaniment and Melody

Last Update: 05/14/2016

1) Press the [SONG] button.

Press 1-0-1 on the Numeric Keypad to display ‘101 User Song 1’ in the screen.

To record an Accompaniment Style Track:    

Hold the [REC] button and press the [A] track button. (‘A’ stands for Accompaniment.)

Press the [STYLE] button.

3) Use the Numeric Keypad to select a Style.

Press the ‘MAIN/AUTO FILL’ [A/B] button once, to display ‘ACMP  MAIN A’ in the lower left corner of the screen.

Press the [INTRO] button to have an intro play at the beginning of the recording. 

Press the [SONG] button again to return to the Song Record mode.

Play a key or chord in the left section of the keyboard to begin recording the Accompaniment (Style) part.

Press the [ENDING] button to finish the recording.

To record a Melody Track (with an individual Voice): 

1) Hold the [REC] button and press one of the [1] - [5] track buttons.

2) Press the [VOICE] button and select a desired Voice.

3) Press the [SONG] button again to return to the Song Record mode.

4) Press the [START/STOP]button to begin recording and play the Voice. The previously-recorded tracks will be playing simultaneously. 

5) Press the [START/STOP] button when finished recording.

6) Repeat steps 1-5 for subsequent Tracks.

To playback the Song back, press the [START/STOP] button.

To stop the Song, press the [START/STOP] button again.

The song will save automatically to internal user memory.

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