Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) for PSRE / YPT / YPG / DGX / EZ Portable Keyboards

Last Update: 09/25/2014

Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) for PSRE / YPT / YPG / DGX / EZ Portable Keyboards

Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) is an advanced set of helpful learning tools built into the instrument, letting users teach themselves how to play and perform regardless of ability. On the latest version of Y.E.S., users choose from nine step-by-step lessons for left, right, or both hands, letting them master a song with ease. There have been many iterations of Y.E.S. throughout the years, and the included reference chart will help users determine what features their particular keyboard has.

Y.E.S. Lesson Features:

Timing - In this mode, users simply concentrate on playing the notes with the correct timing. Even when playing wrong notes, the correct notes shown in the display will sound.

- In this Lesson, users try playing the correct notes shown on the display. The Song pauses until the right note is played, and playback tempo will change to match the speed users are playing at.

Listen (Listen & Learn) - In this Lesson, you need not play the keyboard. The model melody/chords of the part you selected will sound. Listen to it carefully and remember it well.

Minus One - Users can practice their playing skills by specifying which parts are to be turned on or off (chords, melody, etc.) to work on chord comping skills, playing melodies or refining their ad-lib technique.

Your Tempo – Users try to play the note shown in the display at the correct timing. As users learn to play the right notes at the right timing the tempo will increase until eventually playing at the song’s original tempo.

Repeat & Learn
- If users want to practice a specific section in which they made a mistake or have difficulty with use the Repeat & Learn function. The Song location will move back four measures, a one-measure count will play, then Song playback will start again. Playback of the four measures will repeat with a one-measure count-in.

Chord Dictionary - A built-in “chord book” that shows you the individual notes of chords. It is ideal when you know the name of a certain chord and want
to quickly learn how to play it.

Smart Chord – This allows you to set the basic key for the chord accompaniment. Once this is set, users can simply press single keys in the scale and have harmonically appropriate chords played automatically. For example, with the key set to C, playing a D will result in an D minor chord (rather than a harmonically inappropriate D major).

EZ Chord - The EZ Chord function is an exceptionally flexible and easy way to program semi-automatic backing for your performances. It lets users record all necessary chord changes for an entire song, and then allows them to “play” each chord in the sequence you programmed by simply pressing a single key in the auto accompaniment section of the keyboard.

YPG235 PSRE443 PSRE433 PSRE343 PSRE243 EZ220 DGX650 DGX230     

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