My Digital Piano is Shutting Off

Last Update: 01/30/2013

The P-105 comes with a "green" (energy conservation) feature called 'Auto Power Off'. This option automatically powers the unit off if there are no buttons or keys  operated within 30 minutes.

To disable Auto Power Off:

A. When the instrument is turned off:

While holding down the leftmost key (A-1), press the [Standby/On] switch to turn on the power. The power indicator will flash three times, after which the Auto Power Off is disabled.

B. When the instrument is turned on:

While holding down [DEMO/SONG] and [METRONOME/RHYTHM] simultaneously, press the A-1 key.
NOTE: Either of these methods only needs to be completed once. From this point forward, when the instrument is turned on, the Auto Power Off feature is disabled.

To enable Auto Power Off:

While holding down [DEMO/SONG] and [METRONOME/RHYTHM] simultaneously, press the A#-1 key (leftmost black key).



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