Driver Questions for the P-155.

Last Update: 03/01/2014

Note: None of the below applies to making cds or audio files or hearing the sound of your P-155 on your computer.  
See Part two for audio connections.
The P155 must be connected to the computer via either a MIDI or Audio Interface. The subject of this article is MIDI. The driver installed is for the interface, not for the P-155. The P-155 has no USB connection; thus there are no drivers for this product. 

There is nothing to set on the keyboard, the MIDI is turned on and working by default.

The recommended compatible interface is the Yamaha UX-16. Other interfaces may work. If using a non-Yamaha interface, please contact the manufacturer for support of their interface. Yamaha cannot provide support or resolve issues with third party interfaces.

If using a Yamaha UX-16, drivers are available here:

The interface should be connected opposite of the labeling:

Midi Out to Midi In,

Midi In to Midi Out.

You can check that the P-155's MIDI is functioning correctly as follows:

Obtain a regular midi cable, that looks like this:

1. Connect the instrument to itself, by connecting the MIDI In to the MIDI Out.

2. Press the [TEMPO/FUNCTION] button.

3. Press the [+/YES] button several times until you see 'F8.Y.'

4. Press the [+/YES] button to access the Local on screen.

5. Press the minus button to turn Local off.

6. Play a key, if you hear sound, then the keyboard is transmitting and receiving MIDI properly.

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