Connecting a YPP50 to an External Amplifier

Last Update: 11/30/2012

The YPP50 is equipped with Out (L) and (R) RCA connectors located in the back of the keyboard. These output jacks can be connected to an amplifier's input jack(s).

The YPP50 requires RCA plugs to connect to the keyboard. The plugs at the other end of the cable will depend on the type of input connectors on the external amplifier.
NOTE: Most home stereos will have RCA connectors and most professional equipment will have 1/4" phono or XLR connectors.

1) Turn the power off on the YPP50 and the external amplifier.

2) Connect the RCA plugs of the audio cable to the YPP50 (L) and (R) output jacks..

3) Connect the other end of the audio cable to the amplifier audio inputs.

4) Turn on the power of both the keyboard and the amplifier.
TIP: Start with volume levels set to their minimums and then gradually increase the volume to a desired level.

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