Adjusting the Default Playback Tempo of a Song on a DSR1

Last Update: 02/02/2013

The default playback tempo can be adjusted from 30 bpm (beats per minute) to as high as 400 bpm, depending on the format of the song file.
  1. Press the [RECORD] button to enable Record mode.
  2. Press the [SONG SELECT] buttons to select the song.
  3. Press the [METRONOME] button. The current tempo will be displayed as either beats per minutes (bpm) or as a percentage.
  4. Turn the Rotary Dial or press the [+] or [-] buttons until the desired tempo appears in the display.
  5. Press the [STOP] button.
  6. Press the [ENTER] button to save the new tempo setting (do not eject the disk until the save operation is complete). The song will now always play at the new tempo setting.

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