Configuring a DSR1 to Play Automatically when the Power Is Turned On

Last Update: 02/02/2013

The DSR1 can be set to play automatically on power-up with the Auto Start function. The space between each song can be set to as much as 300 minutes.
  1. Press and hold the [FUNC] button then pressing the [STAND BY/ON] button to power up the DSR1 in AUTO START MODE.
  2. Turn the Rotary Dial until the display reads 'AUTO START=ON.'
  3. Press the right arrow button once to adjust the time delay between each song, or turn the Rotary Dial to select the time interval between songs.

    OFF: standard pause between songs

    1 to 300 minutes: time between each song

    STOP: playback stops after one song (single song playback).

  4. Store the setting by pressing the [ENTER] button or switching OFF the power.

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