Playing different left and right-hand voices on the keyboard

Last Update: 10/07/2010

The keyboard can be divided into two sections on which different voices can be played by the left and right hands. This is known as a split keyboard setup.

The CP33 split function is enabled by pressing the [SPLIT] button.

Split Setup Procedure :

For this example the piano will be assigned to the right hand, electric bass to the left hand, and the split point will be set at the C3 key.

1. Press the [SPLIT] button. The WOOD BASS voice is initially assigned to the left-hand section of the         keyboard by default.

2. Press the [GRAND PIANO] button to assign the grand piano voice to the right hand section.

3. Press the [E.BASS] button while holding the [SPLIT] button to assign the electric bass voice to the left hand.

4. Press the middle C (C3) key on the keyboard while holding the [SPLIT] button to set the split point at C3.

# The initial default split point setting is F#2.

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