I've Made the Split Keyboard Settings Can I Raise the Pitch of the Left Hand Voice an Octave

Last Update: 09/22/2010

The pitches of the voices assigned to a split keyboard setup can be changed via the F4.2 or F4.3 function in the function mode.

[Octave Shift Procedure]

1. Press the [TEMPO/FUNCTION] button to enter the function mode.

2. Use the TEMPO/FUNCTION [+]/[-] buttons to select the F4.y function.

3. Press the [YES/+] button, and then use the TEMPO/FUNCTION [+]/[-] buttons to select the F4.3 sub-function

 Using the same procedure you could select the F4.2 sub-function to shift the octave of the right-hand voice.

4. Use the [NO/-] and [YES/+] buttons to set the tuning octave shift to 1.
* A setting of -1 shifts the pitch down an octave, 0 produces normal pitch, and 1 raises the pitch an octave.

5. Press the [TEMPO/FUNCTION] button again to exit from the function mode.

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