DX7IID, DX7IIFD - Bulk Dumping Voice Data From a Computer

Last Update: 12/18/2010


NOTE: A MIDI Interface is required in order to send MIDI information from the computer to the DX7II. We recommend the Yamaha UX16. A 1 way MIDI connection is all that is required when sending bulk information to the DX7II.


CAUTION: DO NOT use the DX7II MIDI OUT, only the 'IN' jack is to be used. If using the UX16, connect the UX16 'OUT' to the DX7II 'MIDI IN' jack.

Preparing the DX7II:


1) Press the [EDIT] button.


2) Press the [14] 'TUNE' button repeatedly to cycle through to:

'>Master tuning Memory protect >INT >CRT'.

3) Press the [>] 'PAN' button to select '>INT'.

4) Press the [-1/OFF] to turn the INT protect OFF.

Sending the Data:

NOTE: If the computer is a PC, Media Player will be used:


1. Start Media Player.

2. Select File.


3. Select Open.


4. Select the MIDI file to play.


5. Press 'Play'.


6. The DX7II will display Bulk data received when all the data has been received.



NOTE: If the computer is a MAC, SysEx Librarian (downloaded from snoize.com) will be used:


To download:


1. Go to www.snoize.com

2. Select SysEx Librarian.


3. Select download.


4. Install.


To use:


1. Start SysEx Librarian.


2. Drag the MIDI file to be played into SysEx Librarian (or click on 'add', select file, then select 'open').


3. Press play.

4. The DX7II will display Bulk data received when all the data has been received.

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