MM6 MM8 Compatible USB Devices

Last Update: 09/27/2010

Check the list below for USB devices that have been tested for proper operation with the MM6/MM8.

USB Device *as of May 2010
FlashMemory ATP AF8GUFT3BK
ByteStor 16GB Maxi USB Flash Drive
16GB Dataferry USB Flash Drive
32GB Dataferry USB Flash Drive
disgo disgo lite 4GB
HP v125w 8GB USB Flash Drive
Integral AG47 with READYBOOST
EnvoyPlus Flash Drive 8GB
Integral USB 2.0 SPLASH DRIVE 32GB
Kingston DTC10/4GB
LEXAR JDFF4GB-431 (Discontinued)
Verbatim Verbatim Store'n'Go USB Flash Drive - 4GB (#95236)

NOTE: The USB devices listed above have been tested for compatibility with MM6/MM8, however Yamaha does not gurantee proper operation of such devices with MM6/MM8. Yamaha also takes no responsibility for any damage or inconvenience caused by the use of them.

MM6/MM8 are USB 1.1 compliant. USB 2.0 devices can also be connected to them, however data will be transferred at USB 1.1 speeds.

The specification of the USB devices listed above is subject to change for certain reasons of manufacturers. Please note that they may not operate properly with MM6/MM8 depending on the changes.

For detailed specification and information on the USB devices listed above, please contact the manufacturer.

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