MO,MOX,MOXF: How to Import and Revoice a MIDI File.

Last Update: 07/09/2014

MO,MOX,MOXF  How to Import and Revoice a MIDI File.

1). Save a MIDI file onto a USB flash drive.

2). Insert the USB flash drive into the keyboard.

3). Press the [FILE] button.

4). Press the [F3] button for the Load tab.

5). Set the TYPE to “SONG”.

6). Select the desired MIDI file on the right.

7). Press the [SF1] button to EXECUTE.

8). Set the song location on the keyboard to load the MIDI file.

9). Press the [SF1] button to EXECUTE.

10). Press the song button.

11). Locate the song set in step 8.

12). Make sure that the [TRACK] button is turned on.

13). Press the [EDIT] button.

14). Press the [F2] button.

15). Press the [F6] button.

16). Press the [F1] button.

17). Press the [1] button for track 1.

18). Use the [V] or [Λ] buttons to select any PC (program change), Bank MSB, and Bank LSB events.

NOTE: Bank MSB events display as CTRL 000, and Bank LSB as CTRL 032.

19). Press the [F6] button to delete each PC, Bank MSB and Bank LSB event.

20). Repeat steps 17-19, substituting the [2] - [16] buttons in step 17, to delete PC, Bank MSB and Bank LSB events for track 2-16.

21). When all events are deleted press the [MIXING] button.

22). Press the [F2] button.

23). Press a [1] [16] button to select a track to revoice.

24). Press the [CATEGORY SEARCH] button.

25). Use the [+] or [–] buttons select a voice category.

26). Press the [V] button.

27). Use the [+] or [–] buttons to select a voice subcategory.

28). Press the [ENTER] button.

29). Use the [V] or [Λ] buttons to select a voice.

30). Press the [ENTER] button.

31). Repeat steps 23 – 30 to revoice each track of the song.

32). Press the [STORE] button.

33). Press the [F1] button.

34). Press the [ENTER] button.

35). Press the [ENTER] button again to complete the store process.

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