MO, MOX, MOXF : Performance Mode Part Output Assignment.

Last Update: 08/14/2014

MO, MOX, MOXF : Performance Mode Part Output Assignment.

The MO Series (MO, MOX, MOXF) doesn't feature any assignable outputs like the Motif Series (Classic / ES / XS / XF) does. Here is a way you can choose between L and R Outputs for your Parts (Voices) within a Performance by panning your Parts hard left and hard right within the Performance Edit screen.

      1) Press the [PERFORMANCE] button and select your desired performance.

      2) Press the [EDIT] button to access the Edit Screen.

      3) Press the [1-4] buttons to select the different Parts within the Performance that you want to edit.

      4) Press [F2] to go to the Output Tab.

      5) Pan the desired Part all the way to the left to assign it to L Output, and pan a Voice all the way to the right to assign it to the R Output.

      6) Press the [STORE] button, once the panning is set, to save your changes to the desired Performance.

      7) Press the [ENTER] button twice to confirm your STORE command.


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