MO6/MO8 A Simple Way to Create Songs

Last Update: 09/27/2010

The following is a simple method for recording a song on the MM6/MM8.

1. Press the [SONG] button to enter the Song mode.

2. Position the cursor at the Song number and use the [DATA DIAL] to select an empty song.

TIP: When a song is empty the blocks in the track area of the display appear as a dotted line.

NOTE: When the unit is initially shipped from the factory, Songs 1 through 4 contain Demo Songs while song numbers 5 and above contain no data.
3. Press the SEQ TRANSPORT [o] (Record) button.

4. Press the [F1]:SETUP button

5. Position the cursor at the Type item and use the [DATA DIAL] to set the Type to 'Overdub'.

6. Press the [TRACK SELECT] button (Indictor should light).

7. Press one of the [1] ~ [16] buttons to select that Track for recording.

8. Press the [F2]:VOICE button and position the cursor at the Voice item in the display (PRE1 in the illustration below).

9. Press the [CATEGORY SEARCH] button.

10. When the Category Search display appears, use the category buttons [A. PIANO] ~ [COMBI] (read the labels below the buttons) to select the desired instrument category. To select a guitar type instrument, for example, press the [PRE4] (GUITAR/PLUCKED) button.
NOTE: Sub-categories can be selected from the category search display by pressing the [SF1] ~ [SF3] buttons.

11. Use the [DATA DIAL] to select the desired Voice. Play the keyboard while selecting Voices to ensure that desired Voice is selected.
When a Voice has been selected press the [ENTER] button to exit the category search display.
The name of the selected Voice will appear in the upper right area of the display as shown in the illustration below.
TIP: The Volume and Pan items in the display can be used to adjust volume and pan (stereo positioning), respectively.

12. Position the cursor at the Tempo value in the display (120.0 in the illustration below) and use the [DATA DIAL] to set the Tempo as required.
NOTE: If the CLICK item in the lower right area of the display appears as shown below the click metronome will sound during real-time recording.
The click sound can be turned on or off by pressing the [F5]:CLICK button.

13. Press the SEQ TRANSPORT [>] (Play) button to start real-time recording. Play in time with the click sound.

14. Press the SEQ TRANSPORT [673.gif] (Stop) button to stop recording.
NOTE: When data has been recorded the track blocks appear as solid lines.

15. Repeat steps 3 through 14 on additional Tracks to build up a song.

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