How to erase only a section that contains a mistake

Last Update: 09/30/2010

Unwanted data can be erased using the song mode Erase Event job. Refer to the procedure described below.

1. Press the [JOB] button to enter the Song Job mode. Press the [F3]:EVENT button, position the cursor at the 03: Erase Event item, and press the [ENTER] button.

2. The Erase Event display will appear, as shown below. Press one of the [1] ~ [16] buttons to select the track that contains the data to be erased.

3. Specify the range of measures to be erased via the 001 : 1 : 000  999 : 1 : 000 parameters in the display, as shown below.

" Position the cursor at the start measure parameter and use the data dial to select 005 : 1 : 000.
" Position the cursor at the end measure parameter and use the data dial to select 017 : 1 : 000.

4. When the measure range has been specified press the [ENTER] button to execute the Erase Event job.

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