Montage 6/7/8: How To Create User Arps

Last Update: 02/16/2017

Montage 6/7/8: How To Create User Arps

1) Press the [Performance] button

2) On the display, tap [Play/Record]

3) Tap [MIDI]

4) Tap the Performance name.

5) Tap [User Arp]

6) In the 'User Arp' dialogue page, set desired parameters.

HINTS: See Parameters Below

Arp (Arpeggio Number)
Determines the User Arpeggio number. One of the numbers currently not in use is automatically assigned by default. When a
number already in use is selected, the previous Arpeggio data in the selected number will be overwritten.
Settings: 1 – 256

Song Track
Determines the track of the source Song for each Arpeggio track.

Convert Type
Determines how the MIDI sequence data (of Song tracks) will be converted to Arpeggio data from the three ways below. This
parameter can be set for each track.

Settings: Normal, Fixed, Org Notes

Normal: The Arpeggio is played back using only the played note and its octave notes.
Fixed: Playing any note(s) will trigger the same MIDI sequence data (Ideal for creating drum arps)
Org Notes (original notes): Basically same as “Fixed” with the exception that the Arpeggio playback notes differ according to the played chord.

Determines the range of measures to be copied to the Arpeggio data.
Settings: 001 – 999

7) Tap [Store As User Arp]

The new Arp will be available within the 'User' arp category.
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