Copying a Phrase from One Pattern to Another

Last Update: 05/29/2014

NOTE: A Pattern assigns a unique phrase number to the MIDI data on each track of a section. A phrase recorded in one Pattern can be copied and accessed from a different Pattern. This can be useful if a drum phrase has been recorded to a Pattern, it can be copied to another Pattern without recording again. Keep in mind this process only copies the MIDI data and not the voice settings for the track.

1. Press the [PATTERN] button.

2. Press the [JOB] button.

3. Press the [F4] button for the phrase tab.

4. Select 01:Copy Phrase

5. Press the [ENTER] button.

6. On the top set the source phrase to copy.

NOTE: To determine the phrase, view the patch tab in the normal Pattern mode. Press the desired [A-P] section button, and note the phrase number for the desired track.

7. On the bottom set the destination Pattern and phrase to copy.

8. NOTE: on the Motif XS and Motif XF uncheck “Current Pattern” to enable the selection of a different Pattern.

9. Press the [ENTER] button. When “Completed” is displayed, the copied phrase will now be available in the patch tab of the new Pattern using the phrase number set in step 7.

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