Motif Classic - Creating Split and Layered Performances

Last Update: 06/29/2012

1) Press the [PERFORM] button and select a Performance.

2) Press the [JOB] button to initialize the currently selected Performance.

3) Press the [ENTER] button to execute the job.

4) Press the [YES] button to confirm. 

5) Press the [EXIT] button to return to the Performance Play Menu.

6) Press the [F3] VOICE button to access the Voice parameters.

7) Select a voice to be assigned to the selected part.

NOTE: By default, PRE1:001 will be assigned as the voice for part 1. You can manually change the voice assigned to part 1 by entering a voice number or by using the [CATEGORY SEARCH] function.

8) Assign the note limit for the selected part.

NOTE: The currently selected part's note limit can be assigned by holding down the [SF4] LIMIT L or [SF5] LIMIT H and pressing the desired key on the keybed. For example, if the lowest note for part 1 is to be middle C, hold down the [SF4] LIMIT L button and strike middle C. Each part can have independent low and high note limits. Parts that share the same note limits will be layered.

9) Press the [CURSOR DOWN] button to move the marker down to the next part.

10) Press [SF1] ADD INT button to add an additional part voice.

11) Repeat steps 7-10 for additional parts.

12) Press the [STORE] button to store the changes.

13) Press the [ENTER] button to execute the store.

14) Press the [YES] button to confirm the store.

Reference Page 89-90 Motif Owner's Manual.

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