Assigning the Autoload Function to a USB Flash Drive Motif ES

Last Update: 11/07/2013

The following requires a USB Flash Drive of two GB or less. The Motif ES is not compatible with drives larger than two GB.

1) Press the [FILE] button.

2) Press the [F1] button.

3) Press the [SF1] button.

4) Turn the dial so current says 'USB'. 

5) Press the [F2] button and turn the dial so type says 'All'

6) Use the cursor buttons underneath the dial to cursor to the space underneath 'Type All'.

7) Use the cursor buttons to name the file 'Autoload' and press the [ENTER] button.

8)  Press the [UTILITY] button.

9) Press [F1] button

10) Press the [SF4] button.

11)  Cursor to Autoload and turn the dial to set Autoload to 'ON'.

12) Press the [SF5]button (to register the current location on the card as the place to load the AUTOLOAD file from).

13) Press the [STORE] button.

14) Turn the Motif ES off then back on and your AUTOLOAD All file should load each time.

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