Comparisons between the MOTIF XS and MOTIF ES.

Last Update: 09/24/2010

Refer to the following chart:

Tone Generator AWM2 AWM2
Modular Synthesis Plug-in System compatible (optional plug-in boards)
+ Articulation function
Max. Polyphony 128 notes 128 notes + max. polyphony of plug-in boards used
Wave Memory (*1) 335 MB equivalent 175 MB equivalent
Number of Voices Presets: Presets:
1,024 normal voices 768 normal voices
64 drum kits 64 drum kits
128 normal voices 128 normal voices
1 drum kit 1 drum kit
User: User:
384 normal voices 256 normal voices
32 drum kits 32 drum kits
Plug-in voices (when installed)A3
Number of Performances 384 128
Effects (*2) Insertion: 53 types Insertion: 116 types
(Simultaneous use on up to 8 parts) (Simultaneous use on up to 8 parts)
Insertion vocoder Reverb: 20 types
Reverb: 9 types Chorus: 49 types
Chorus: 22 types Master: 8 types
Master: 9 types Optional PLG100-VH x 1
Sequencer Capacity Approx. 130,000 notes Approx 226,000 notes
Can be saved in internal flash ROM
Recording Modes (*3) Real-time replace Real-time replace
Real-time overdub Real-time overdub
Real-time punch Real-time punch
Performance record Step
Arpeggiator Preset: 6,633 types Preset: 1,787 types
User: 256 types User: 256 types
Simultaneous: 4 parts Simultaneous: 1 part
Expansion Boards mLAN16E2 AIEB2, mLAN16E2, Plug-in Boards
External Memory External USB device (USB 2.0) SmartMedia (3.3V)
Local network file sharing External USB device (USB 1.1)
Dimensions & Weight MOTIF XS8: 1,457 (W) x 466 (D) x 168 (H) mm, 28.6 kg MOTIF ES8: 1,458 (W) x 465 (D) x 167.4 (H) mm, 28.3 kg
MOTIF XS7: 1,252 (W) x 391 (D) x 122 (H) mm, 17.0 kg MOTIF ES7: 1,255 (W) x 394 (D) x 136.4 (H) mm, 19.2 kg
MOTIF XS6: 1,045 (W) x 391 (D) x 122 (H) mm, 14.8 kg MOTIF ES6: 1,048 (W) x 394 (D) x 136.4 (H) mm, 16.5 kg

  • 16-bit linear
  • MOTIF XS effects parameters settings are included as preset programs.
  • Newly developed VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) effects are now included.
  • The Vocoder effect functions as an insertion effect for one part.
  • The MOTIF XS does not have a step recording function.

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