Can data created using the MOTIF ES or MO6/MO8 be used with the MOTIF XS.

Last Update: 09/24/2010

The following types of data created using the MOTIF ES or MO6/MO8 can be loaded into the MOTIF XS (refer to page 274 of the MOTIF XS manual).

Load Device Save Device Save Format
All Voice (.W7V)
All Waveform (.W7W)
All Song (.W7S)
All Pattern (.W7P)
All Voice (.W7V)

  • NOTES:
  • Both a file with a W7 extension created on the MOTIF ES (MO6/MO8) and a file with the same name and a W8 extension are required for loading into the MOTIF XS.
  • Due to differences between the preset waveforms and effect systems on the MOTIF XS and MOTIF ES (MO6/MO8) the sound may not be exactly the same.
  • If a performance created on the MOTIF ES (MO6/MO8) is loaded the voices for each part will be recalled according to voice bank and voice number. Since the voice assignments are different on different devices, unexpected voices may be recalled. Consistency can be improved by creating performances on the save device in which user voices are assigned to each part, and recalling the data using the ALL format.
  • Although song and pattern data can be loaded into the MOTIF XS from MOTIF ES (MO6/MO8) files, data compatibility cannot be guaranteed.
  • Most song data can be properly loaded, but unexpected voices may be recalled due to differences the voice assignments. Consistency can be improved by assigning mixing voices to the song parts on the save device, or assigning user voices and handling the file as
  •  ALL is no compatibility with pattern data due to differences in the availability of preset phrases and other functions on different devices.

  • Song and pattern data can be saved in the general MIDI SMF (Standard MIDI File) format and used by the MOTIF XS.

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