Assign Program Changes (MSB/LSB)

Last Update: 09/26/2012

1. Press the [MASTER] button.

2 Press the [F2] button.

3. Select a MODE (i.e. VOICE PRE2: 040 (C08) would look like PRE2: 040).

4. Use the arrow buttons to select zone ‘OFF’.

5. Use the data wheel to turn the zones ‘ON’.

6. Press the [STORE] button.

7 Press the [ENTER] button.

8. Press the [YES] button.

9. Now press the [EDIT] button.

10. Press the [1] button (using the 1st of the 1-16 track buttons), for zone 1.

11. Press the [F4] button.

NOTE: This example used below is a Yamaha MM keyboard voice called ‘Tiny’. However, the MSB / LSB / and PC information of any contemproary Yamaha digital instrument can be accessed by looking in the Data List manual of
that product.

MSB = 0, entered as 000.

LSB = 115, entered as 115.
PC (Program change) = 17, entered as 017.

The finished entry will look like:



12. Insert the MSB / LSB / PC numbers taken from the Data list.

13. Press the [F3] button and set both the TG and MIDI Bank and PC switches to ‘ON’.

Now move on to further editing, or store these settings.

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