Motif XF/XS: Set Order of Song Playback

Last Update: 03/27/2015

Motif XF/XS: Set Order of Song Playback

The Motif XF (and XS) allows you to create a Song playlist, to be played in the order you assign.

1) Push [Song] button
2) Press [F4] 'Chain' button
3) Highlight 'Chain' column within desired song number (001= 1st song, 002= the second etc)
4) Use dial to select song you'll want played at that number
5) Repeat until all desired song have been added

Note'skip'  Skip (ignores) the selected chain number and continues playback
from the next chain number.

Note:. 'end' Indicates the end mark of the Song Chain data.

Note: 'stop'  Stops Song Chain playback at that chain number. You can restart the
song chain playback from the next chain number by pressing the
(Play) button


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