Chaining Patterns

Last Update: 11/29/2012

NOTE: Pattern chaining is the assembly of Pattern sections which have already been recorded. Make sure that all Pattern recording has been completed before beginning the chaining process.

1. Press the [PATTERN] button.

2. Select the pattern to be used.

3. Press the [F5] button.

4. Press the [EDIT] button.

5. Press the [SF4] button (insert screen).

6. Use the data wheel to assign SECTION as the EVENT TYPE.

7. Use the arrow buttons to select MEAS (measure).

8. Use the data wheel to assign a measure the section will start on (i.e. MEAS 001 would be assigned to whichever section is used as the intro).

9. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the 'A' (section letter)

10. Use the data wheel to select a SECTION.

001 would be the intro of the song. If the intro was recorded on pattern 1, section D, then D would be assigned here.

Since only sections are being inserted, there should be no reason to change BEAT or CLOCK.

11. Press the [F6] button to set the section.

12. Repeat steps 7-11

The next section will NOT be assigned to measure 2. If the intro was 8 measures long, then the next section will be assigned to MEAS 009, not 002. The user will have to account for the measures used, per section so they won't overlap.

The play button can be pressed at anytime to listen to the work as it progresses.

Disregard any hesitation between sections. These will be removed later.

13. When finished, repeat step 10 and use the data wheel to assign 'END' as the section.

Again, compensate for the measures used by the last section (i.e. the last 4 measure section was insert on measure 88, insert END on measure 92.

14. When the project sounds correct press the [EXIT] button once.

15. Press the [SF3] button once.

16. Select a empty song slot for the converted project to be sent to (This is the destination of the project as a song).

Make sure the 'without PC' box is marked. This is the parameter that removes possible hesitations heard earlier.

17. Press the [ENTER] button once.

18. Press the [SONG] button.

19. Select the song number used in step 16.

20. Press the PLAY button to verify the results.

21. Store the song when finished.

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