Motif XS XF Preparing the Editor Using the FW Parameters

Last Update: 12/09/2010

NOTE: This application is done after Studio Manager has been started, and applies to both the Motif XS and XF.

1. Double click the XS icon (XF icon if using the Motif XF)

2. Select 'FILE'

3. Select 'SET UP'

4. Assign ‘Motif XS/F MAIN to MIDI ‘IN’

5. Assign ‘Motif XS/F MAIN to MIDI ‘OUT’

6. Assign ‘Motif XS/F’ to mLan Device

7. Device number is 1

NOTE: The AUTO START can be set to OFF at this point

8. Click 'ok'

9. Click the green 'OFFLINE'

10. Confirm the settings, which are the same as 4-6

11. Click 'start'

NOTE: Once the screen disappears editing can start


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