Motif XF, Motif XS - Assigning Rotary Effect to a Foot Controller

Last Update: 10/24/2012

NOTE: Assigning Rotary (or any effect) to the FC pedal is a 3 step process.

(1) Setting changes in UTILITY.

(2) Editing the voice (Voice mode)to be used in the Performance.

(3) Inserting that voice in a Performance.

1. Press the [F5] button

2. Press the [SF3] button

3. Assign which ever FC to be used (1 or 2) to #04

NOTE: Either can be used, but the setting in step 3 is based on which FC port the pedal is plugged into.

4. Press the [STORE] button

1. Press the [EDIT] button

2. Press the [F4] button

3. Assign source to the foot controller being used (the same FC as step 3 under UTILITY MODE).

4. Assign the destination to either INSA or B

NOTE: Assign INSA or B, but not both.

5. Assign depth to +63

NOTE: Step five is an optional setting, and you’ll need to play around with this setting later, but +63 is good place to start.

6. Press the [F6] button

7. Press the [SF1] button

8. Set the effect category (below) to T&R

9. Set the effect type (below) to Rotary Speaker

10. Press the [SF2] and edit the INSA ([SF3] for INSB if insert B was used) rotation parameters

NOTE: Step 10 is optional.

11. Store and use this voice


NOTE: This procedure is done AFTER initializing the Performance:

1. Press the [EDIT] button

2. Select a part the voice is going to be used on.

NOTE: Part access uses buttons 1-4 of the 1-16 button panel.

3. Press the [F1] button.

4. Press the [SF1] button.

5. Set PARAM. with Voice to ON.

6. Press the [STORE] button.

7. Press the [ENTER] button.

8. Press the [YES] button.

9. Press the [EDIT] button (the XF returns to the main screen after the store procedure).

10. Assign the custom USR to BANK.

11. Assign the custom voice number to NUMBER.

NOTE: (i.e. if the rotary edited voice was stored in Bank USR2:015, then assign BANK to USR2 and the NUMBER to 015).

12. Press the [STORE] button.

13. Press the [ENTER] button

14. Press the [YES] button.

Motif XF, Motif XS

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